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Feed – Under Control

Our chickens are fed with the feeds that are only produced in our plants. All stages of our feed production are carefully controlled . Feeds do not include hormone. Our feeds are produced by considering all requirements of the chickens and always under control.

All Stages of Production - Under Control

Our veterinary surgeons and agricultural engineers take care in producing incubation eggs, chicks and alive chickens in order to reach healthy and qualified chicken meat.Europian Union rules are exactly applied also including animal wellfare. All products of Beypilic have ISO 9001:22000 quality certificate.

Healthy and Hygiene – Under Control

Chicken meats are produced under control as healthy and hygienicly by our veterinary surgeons and food engineers in the sterilized plants. ‘’ If we do not consume the products which we produce we never give permission to consume for our customers‘’ is a basic slogan of our workers. All products in the brand of Beypilic give confidence with its health, quality and taste. Our products do not include antibiotics. Beypilic breaks new ground with having HACCP quality certificate that supports food safety from supplying raw material to consumption step of production supply and has an international accreditation.

Everything From the Production till to Consumption – Under Control

It carries vital importance to reach our chicken meats to the consumers as healthy. Our products that are packaged privately deliveried, unless breaking off cold chain, with frigorific vehicles, in the optimum conditions to points of sale.

Europian Union Rules – Under Control

Beypilic applies the rules of Europian Union in the all steps of production. Beypilic is a private organisation that T.C. Ministary of Agriculture and Rural Affairs gives prior authorization for exporting to Europian UnionCountries. Beypilic one of the biggest company of Turkey, feels proud of pioneering the process of exporting chicken meat to the world.

Quality that is Shared with the Global Brands – Under Control

Beypilic is a choice of global brands as healthy, hygienic production conditions, big plant and reliable quality. Burger King, Arby’s , Little Caesars, Domino’s Pizza Hotchicken and other brands’ specific chicken products are produced by Beypilic.


Biosecurity – Under Control

Biosecurity cautions that are at the top position which are applied by Beypilic from feed to the process of slaughtering , all products reach to your table as healthy. We know that we present %100 healthy chicken meat to people and trust all of our products.