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Total Quality Management Systems is not a target but a journey for Beypi A.Ş. and its employees. Beyond conformity to legal requirements, it is an undisputable preliminary condition for us to achieve what we believe.

Quality and reliability of our products, the importance we give to customer satisfaction, our sensitiveness towards environment and conditions under which our employees feel safe are all evidence of our efforts in this journey we began so that our products can become a reliable global brand.

With our experience and customer-focused service understanding, all kinds of feedbacks from our customers are perceived as opportunity and used to act in accordance with legislations and regulations and turn into “customer satisfaction”.

In its activities and the journey it began with the motto of producing high-quality and reliable food, Beypi A.Ş. behaves with the belief that all work accidents and diseases can be prevented with occupational health and safety first.

With the participation and joint work of all our units, we are continuously developing our management systems in accordance with the changing conditions and expectations at the present.

With all these approaches, Beypi A.Ş. has adopted the following principles:

  • Following and controlling every step from farm to the table, presenting its consumers healthy and reliable food produced in hygienic conditions,
  • Conforming to all national and international legislations as regards food and seed safety, environment, information safety, occupational health and safety,
  • Parallel to technological developments, educating employees with training, discipline and awareness who will feel themselves as a part of our company and our work,
  • Working by reducing costs, increasing profitability and efficiency, and taking risks into account in a planned manner,
  • Knowing that resources of the world are not infinite, adopting as a responsibility and task leaving a habitable environment to the future generations and minimizing our impact on the environment,
  • Using renewable energy sources and recyclable resources, reducing resource utilization and all kinds of pollution sources,
  • In a mutual trust relation with our consumers, employees, suppliers and community, always searching the best and presenting it,
  • Producing reliable food in a safe working environment which is conforming to the globally accepted national and international requirements and by observing the environment,
  • In order to be preferable brand every time, meeting the expectations of customer totally and going beyond their expectations,
  • Ensuring confidentiality of information assets, as well as their integrity and employability,
  • Protecting critical information against all external and internal threats,
  • Working to ensure confidentiality, integrity and accessibility and allocating sufficient and proper resources for this purpose,
  • Providing necessary training to our employees and stakeholders and ensuring the security of information in physical and electronic media and reducing risks.

Publish Date: 23.02.2017

Dr. Sait KOCA
Genel Müdür