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How are the chicken prepared for slaughter fed?
The feed we produce is prepared from mainly cereals such as corn, wheat, barley, soy bean, oilseed residues such as sunflower seed residues, and the raw materials used in human nutrition such as vitamins and minerals. The products which may risk the food safety are not used in such feed.

What are the conditions of chicken breeding in Beypiliç?
Many measures are taken for the welfare of the animals during the breeding process. Among these are temperature provision according to age, air supply as per need, cooling of the poultry house in hot weather, provision of good and dry base, cleaning and disinfection of the poultry house. These measures are not only limited to the breeding period, they are also applied during transportation and slaughtering. Beypiliç keeps the animal welfare at maximum at all times with the training and inspections.

Does slaughtering in Beypiliç conform to Islamic procedures (halal)?
Our chicken slaughtering is realized according to Islamic rules applying stunning method so as to give minimum harm to the chickens. Manual slaughtering is performed by butchers.

Each integrated facility shows the necessary sensitivity in terms of slaughtering according to religious obligations. The reason of bringing the cleaning and hygiene rules into prominence is not that the European does so, but our religion orders it. We make all our production fulfilling the religious obligations.

Beypiliç is one of the first companies obtaining "Halal Food Certification" given by TSE with the approval of 39 Islamic Countries. This certificate also proves manual slaughtering and compliance with all Islamic principles.

How long is the shelf life in Beypiliç?
Shelf life of our fresh products is 10 days, the shelf life of MAP plated fresh products is 12 days, shelf life of giblets products is 8 days, shelf life of frozen products is 1 year, shelf life of further processed fresh products is 30 days, and shelf life of further processed frozen products is 6 months.

Why does Beypiliç prefer air cooling?
The reason of preferring air chilling is that the chicken has a longer shelf life as it does not contact with water. It does not produce bacteria and keeps its freshness longer as it does not contain water.

In the water-cooled products, the water released from the product, accumulated on the shelf or in the package especially during summer months produces bacteria and odor. Although the chicken meat does not spoil, the water producing bacteria emits odor and causes the chicken meat to become permeated with odor.

Air-cooled chicken protects its pure color as it does not contact with water. It has a yellowish color externally. However, water-cooled products lose their pure colors and acquire a whitish color as they contact with intense water. A chicken naturally fed and cooled by air-cooling method has a light yellow color as in the free-range chickens.

Is hormone or antibiotic used in Beypiliç?
There is no hormone and antibiotic residue in Beypiliç products. There are systems established to eliminate such risks as per ISO 22000:2005, BRC and IFS Food Safety Management Systems implemented in our company.

Where can I find Beypiliç products?
You can find Beypiliç products at stores of our nationwide dealers, customers of our dealers, national markets and local markets.

I am Celiac patient; which Beypiliç products can I consume? The poultry split the gluten protein obtained from the feed they eat into amino acids in their digestive systems, and the amino acid groups formed unite among themselves and form different protein groups. So, as it is not possible for the gluten to directly transfer to the meat, the whole chicken, part products and giblet products we produce do not have GLUTEN in their structure.
However, additives containing GLUTEN (bread crumbs, starch etc.) are used in the production of coated and ready-to-eat products produced in our further processing unit (Chicken Nugget, Chicken Schnitzel, Chicken Cordon Bleu etc.).

What are the nutritive values of Beypiliç products?

NAME OF PRODUCT Energy (kcal/100 g) Protein(%) Carbohydrate (%) Fat (%)
Chicken Kadınbudu Meatballs 208 10,2 16 11,3
Chicken Burger 216 12,2 13,8 11,7
Chicken Bey Kebap 180 14,3 7,9 9,4
Chicken Nugget 215 12,7 14,3 11,1
Chicken Schnitzel 216 12,7 14,1 11,5
Chicken Cordon Bleu 225 12,4 12,1 13,3
Chicken Bey Meatballs 217 11 17,6 10,9
Chicken Sticks 199 14,1 11,2 10,3
Chicken Doner 195 27,38 1,34 8,86

The poultry meat is the source of protein, niacin, B6 and B12 vitamins, iron, zinc and phosphor. The poultry meat is an essential element of healthy diet and healthy nutrition with low fat rate.

Why is white meat healthy?
• Chicken meat is healthy and heart-friendly.
• White meat meets all your daily protein need.
• Unsaturated fat rate of chicken is high.
• Chicken meat is digestible. As its fiber is short, it is a source of protein recommended for the persons with digestion problem.
• As the chicken meat is practical to prepare and affordable, it is an important nutritional source with its contribution to the family budget.
• It is rich in protein, mineral and vitamins.
• It contains lower fat and calories compared to red meat.
• It plays an important role in healthy nutrition.
• Chicken meat contains iron and zinc needed by our body as well as vitamins such as B2, B6, B12 and amino acids.

What is cold chain?
Storage, refrigerated transport and similar process which must be implemented for the chicken meat required to be kept at cold temperatures to keep its conformity to the food safety criteria and its properties at every stage from production to transport, storage and consumption is called Cold Chain.
It is very important to keep the meat products especially the white meat under correct conditions. We suggest you to read the information below carefully and implement them for your health.
• If fresh chicken products shall not be used immediately, they should be kept in the refrigerator or deep freezer.
• Fresh white meat products can be kept in the refrigerator (between 0˚C and +4˚C) until the best before date. If they are frozen before the best before date, they can be kept in the deep freezer (at -18˚C) for 1 month.
• Frozen fresh product should be defrosted in the refrigerator, not at the room temperature. Defrosted product should not be frozen again.

If the storage conditions on product labels are observed, the break of cold chain is prevented.

What are the contract breeding conditions?
Beypiliç contract breeding field includes Bolu, Düzce, Zonguldak, Bartın, Ankara, Sakarya, Çankırı, Karabük, and east districts of Kocaeli. First of all, veterinarian of the area comes to your poultry-house and examines the conditions, and a contract is made if the conditions are found appropriate. For the contract, two breeders working with Beypiliç are required to be guarantor for you and the contract is made for an indefinite period of time. If your poultry-house meet the appropriate conditions for incubation, chick-feed, transport and veterinary services are provided by our company and these services are free.

You receive the contract breeding fee of the alive kg delivered as maintenance fee.

Expenses in the contract breeding are: labor, electricity, fuel, base and loading charge.

We do not offer financial support or partnership during the poultry-house construction.